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Prof Vincent Walsh

Prof Vincent Walsh


17 Queen Sq


  • Professor of Human Brain Research
    Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
    Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Joined UCL


Research Themes

The research group I lead is called Applied Cognitive Neuroscience (ACN). The goal is to use neuroscience to improve high performance in sport, high pressure decision making and advancing human brain stimulation in cognition and health. I am particularly interested in sleep, plasticity and extending classical findings to older people. Traditional strengths of my group's work has been investigations of the functions of the parietal lobe, the frontal eye fields and their interactions with primary and secondary visual areas. The techniques my group uses include transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and DC stimulation in which I have particular expertise. I run the ICN TMS facility and I also organise the Brain Stimulation Workshops with The Magstim Company. 

Recent practical applications of my work have been with Dunlop Sports, Team GB Rio squads, GSK Human Performance Labs, PEAK Brain Training and several businesses who wish to improve performance and decision making under pressure.

More information and up to date activities can be found at appliedcognitiveneuroscience.com

Award year Qualification Institution
1992 PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
1988 BA
Bachelor of Arts
University of Sheffield


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