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Dr Suzanne Beeke

Dr Suzanne Beeke


Language & Cognition Research Department
Chandler House, 2 Wakefield Street


  • Senior Lecturer
    Language & Cognition
    Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Joined UCL


My research is focused on understanding the impact of language and communication disorders on the everyday communication activities of adults with acquired neurological conditions, particularly post-stroke aphasia and dementia, and their effects on life participation. I also lead research to evaluate communication skills interventions for these populations and communication training packages for healthcare professionals. I conduct mixed methods research that combines qualitative analysis of interview and focus group data, and conversation analysis, with quantitative techniques in psycholinguistics and intervention studies. Recent projects include: conversation-analytic investigations of aphasia (ESRC R000222754, R000239306, ESRC/MRC PTA-037-27-0078), the design and evaluation of Better Conversations with Aphasia (Stroke Association TSA2007/05), an intervention programme that was translated with ESRC funding (RES-189-25-0292) into a free online resource for speech and language therapists, patients and families that currently has 3800+ registered users worldwide, and the design and evaluation of communication skills training for healthcare professionals working with people with dementia in hospitals (NIHR HS&DR, 13/114/93).

Award year Qualification Institution
2005 PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
Human Communication Science
University College London
1993 BA Hons
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Linguistics and Language Pathology
University of Reading


Acquired disorders of language|*|Ageing|*|Aphasia|*|Brain injury|*|Broca's aphasia|*|Language|*|Stroke|*|Wernicke's aphasia|*|agrammatic aphasia|*|agrammatism|*|behavioural therapy|*|communication disorder|*|conversation|*|dementia|*|language disorder