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Dr Pranjal Mehta

Dr Pranjal Mehta


26 Bedford Way


  • Senior Lecturer
    Experimental Psychology
    Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

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Status hierarchies are a part of our everyday social interactions, and people with higher status such as leaders have greater access to resources and can have improved health outcomes. Stressful experiences are common in status hierarchies, but research on stress has traditionally been separate from research on social status and power. I study both of these topics together using tools and theories from social-personality psychology and behavioural neuroendocrinology. My research shows that hormones traditionally associated with status-seeking (testosterone) and stress (cortisol) interact with one another and the social context to regulate behaviours in status hierarchies, such as leadership behaviour, risky decision making, and group performance.

Award year Qualification Institution
2007 PhD
Doctor of Public Administration
University of Texas at Austin
1999 BA
Bachelor of Arts
Not stated

I completed my undergraduate studies in psychology at Williams College (Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA) and my Ph.D. in social and personality psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. After completing postdoctoral fellowships at Columbia University (New York, New York, USA) and Erasmus University/Radboud University (the Netherlands), I began an academic staff position at the University of Oregon where I was promoted to Associate Professor. I started at UCL in 2017.