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Prof Nadia Berthouze

Prof Nadia Berthouze


66-72 Gower Street


  • Professor of Affective Interaction and Computing
    UCL Interaction Centre
    Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

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The premise of my research is that affect, emotion, and subjective experience should be factored into the design of interactive technology. Indeed, for technology to be truly effective in our social network, it should be able to adapt to the affective needs of each user group or even each individual. The aim of my research is to create systems/software that can sense the affective state of their users and use that information to tailor the interaction process. Body movement appears to be a promising medium for this goal: it supports cognitive processes, regulates emotions, and mediates affective and social communication. I am currently pursuing three lines of research looking at body movement as a medium to induce, recognize and measure the quality of experience of humans and in particularly of humans interacting and engaging through/with technology. I am trying to identify the various factors that affect the recognition process, including cross-cultural differences and task context. Finally, I am looking onto the existence of dialects in affective body movement communication, including avatar-specific dialects. I was awarded a 2 years International Marie Curie Reintegration Grant started in 2006 to investigate these issues in the clinical context and in the gaming industry . More information on the project AffectME supported by this grant can be found here .

Award year Qualification Institution
1995 PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
Biomedical Sciences
Universita degli Studi di Milano
1991 LAU
Computer Science
Universita degli Studi di Milano


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