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Mr Christos Bechlivanidis

Mr Christos Bechlivanidis




  • UCL Teaching Fellow
    Experimental Psychology
    Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

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My research work revolves around causal learning and reasoning. I am interested in the way people learn about causal relationships from visual input and the way they use that knowledge to reason and explain. I have also studied the relationship between causal and temporal order, and, particularly, the conditions that lead people to override their perception of temporal order based on causal assumptions. Finally, I am interested in the way people detect and evaluate coincidences. 
I have briefly studied archeology followed by film studies in Athens, Greece. I came to UK to study Computer Science at the University of Bath (2003-2006). I worked as a software developer in Greece and later in London where I also studied Cognitive and Decision Sciences  part-time at UCL (2007-2009) . I continued working as a programmer before deciding to start my PhD on causal perception and reasoning at UCL (2010-2014) under the supervision of Dave Lagnado.