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Prof Chris Barker

Prof Chris Barker


1-19 Torrington Place


  • Emeritus Professor
    Clinical, Edu & Hlth Psychology
    Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Joined UCL


My research examines the process and outcome of psychological help and support across a range of populations and settings, both professional and non-professional, for example, peer support, self-help groups, online support groups, doctor-patient communication and client-therapist interaction. Together with Prof Nancy Pistrang, with whom I've had a longstanding collaboration, I run the Psychological Helping and Support Research Group. I also have an interest in the clinical psychological applications of virtual reality, in collaboration with Prof Mel Slater. I've published articles and chapters on the methodology of research in clinical psychology and related areas, and am an author of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology (with Nancy Pistrang and Robert Elliott).

UCL collaborators

Professor Nancy Pistrang
Professor Mel Slater
Dr Miriam Fornells-Ambrojo
Dr Henry Potts


I am a Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology. I have a BA from Cambridge and an MSc from LSE; my PhD in Clinical Psychology is from UCLA. I've been at UCL for over 20 years, initially working as a part-time lecturer combined with working part-time as a NHS clinical psychologist. I'm now employed by UCL, with an honorary NHS contract.


Psychological helping and support