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Audience members’ hearts beat together at the theatre

New research led by the UCL Division of Psychological and Language Sciences (PaLS) has found that watching a live theatre performance can synchronize your heartbeat with other people in audience, regardless of if you know them or not.

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Gentle touch soothes the pain of social rejection

The gentle touch of another individual soothes the effects of social exclusion, one of the most emotionally painful human experiences, according to new UCL research.

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Word interpretation can be influenced by speaker's accent

New research from UCL has found that when British people hear a word with two meanings spoken in an American accent, they’re more likely to interpret the word by its American meaning than if the speaker’s accent sounds British.

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Dr Lasana Harris launches new book

Dr Lasana Harris from PALS Experimental Psychology research department has launched Invisible Mind, which takes a social neuroscience approach to explaining the worst of human behaviour. 

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PALS wins UCL's Greenest Department Award

PALS is delighted to announce that once again we have been recognised as UCL’s greenest department at yesterday’s Green Impact awards ceremony.  

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PALS wins third Athena SWAN silver award

The Division of Psychology and Language Sciences has been awarded its third Athena SWAN silver medal in recognition of its initiatives to address the gender imbalance in academia and in providing a supportive environment for all staff.

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New book on research in the wild

Yvonne Rogers and Paul Marshall of UCL PALS have published a new ebook entitled ‘Research in the Wild’ .

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