New Grant Awarded to Sunjeev Kamboj

Congratulations to Sunjeev Kamboj for being awarded a MRC grant of £477,509 to investigate "Reconsolidation and Memory Interference Toolkit (REMIT): Identifying how to destabalise and overwrite maladaptive alcohol memories". More...


New Grant Awarded to Charles Hulme & Kelly Burgoyne

Congratulations to Charles Hulme and Kelly Burgoyne on being awarded a grant of £232,140 from the Nuffield Foundation for the project "Evaluating a parent-delivered language enrichment programme for disadvantaged pre-school children".
The project will run for 2 years and start in January 2015.


Academic Promotions Announced

 PaLS is delighted to announce the following academic promotions this year: More...


New Grant Awarded to Kate Jeffery

Congratulations to Kate Jeffery for being awarded a Wellcome Trust grant of £1, 048, 656 to investigate "Neural encoding of complex space". More...


PaLS Support Staff win UCL Professional Services Award

Congratulations to John Draper and all members of PaLS support staff for being awarded the UCL Professional Service value Award for Excellent Service. More...