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London Judgement and Decision Making seminars

The LJDM seminar series is supported by

University College London

City University London

Originally established at UCL in the early 1970’s as a weekly Cognition and Reasoning seminar, it later became an intercollegiate seminar on Language and Cognition in the early 1980’s. 

The name LJDM was finally coined in 1990, and the group has been running seminars under this name ever since, with lecturers and researchers in and around the UK meeting on a regular basis to discuss judgment and decision making, judgments of likelihood, reasoning, thinking, problem solving, forecasting, risk perception and communication, and other related topics.

If you would like to present your research to the group or to suggest a speaker, please contact the organizers, Neil Bramley (neil.bramley.10@ucl.ac.uk) or Leonardo Cohen (l.cohen.12@ucl.ac.uk).

Unless specified otherwise, all seminars take place on Wednesdays at 5pm, in Room 313 at the Psychology Department, University College London (on the corner of Bedford Way, Gordon Square and Torrington Place, London WC1H 0AP). Map.

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All are welcome to attend.

Seminars for next session be will posted here shortly.

Past Seminar Schedule

May – June 2015

6th May

A counterfactual simulation model of causal judgments

Tobias Gerstenberg


13th May

Allowing for promotion effects in judgmental forecasting: Effects of series type and provision of formal forecasts

Shari De Baets

Vlerick Business School

20th May

Flexibility in diagnostic decision-making strategies

Tom Ormerod

University of Sussex

27th May

Forecast adjustments in response to scenario framing

Dilek Onkal

Bilkent University

3rd June No seminar
10th June

Cues Worth Weighting For

Daniel Oppenheimer


Current abstracts

Archive (past seminars)