Green Awareness


Taking care of our environment

A current priority for our civilization is to adapt the way we live and work, so as to reduce our impact on the environment and stop climate change. In support of this endeavour, we are trying to make our Division a greener one.


We have set up a Green Impact Team and in 2014 we were awarded Platinum in the recent UCL Green Impact Programme Competition. This means PaLS is UCL's greenest department, but we will need to continue to work hard in order to become even greener in the years to come. 

The rankings of the People & Planet University League 2015 show UCL's jump forward in its environmental and ethical performance. UCL is ranked 29th out of 151 UK universities. In 2014, UCL was ranked 61st, so this is a great achievement. Read more about this story on the UCL Sustainability pages.

Green Impact 2014-15

This year Green Impact will be run slightly different from previous years as, in addition to maintaining our environmental presence, we will undertake a number of projects: 

  • Communications: We aim to increase communications through these pages. The PALS Twitter feed @UCLPALS will produce a daily Green Impact tweet.  The UCL Sustainability Unit will present to the Psychology Society. We will run a PALS Green Impact Day (the date will be announced shortly).
  • Competitions (open to PALS Students and Staff): Deadline: 25 February 2015. The winners will be decided by a small panel.

    • Environmental Improvement Award: In no more than 300 words tell us about an innovative environmental suggestion that would improve PALS environment. Your improvements can be as specific as you like and does not necessarily need to be no or low cost - the award will be based on most practicable idea with the greatest savings or positive environmental impacts. This could be an innovative recycling scheme, an energy efficiency project that would save energy, or greening our information and communications technology. The initiative does not necessarily need to be big - a small but effective improvement is just as likely to win! Prize: TBA.  In addition, it will be entered as the PALS submission to the UCL Green Impact ‘Special Award for Environmental Improvement’.
    • Green Impact Logo: Design a logo for the PALS Green Impact programme.  This should be submitted as a JPEG or PDF and be an easy-to-identify and exciting logo that could be used on all PALS Green Impact programmes, its website and general correspondence. Prize: TBA.
  • Academic Projects: We have agreed three exciting and diverse academic projects that will aim to improve our environmental performance and awareness.

    • Psychology experiments around the adoption of pro-environmental behaviour
    • Evaluating a Waste Management Intervention to Promote Recycling
    • Producing 'Green' Apps (UCLIC)

The UCL Environment Awareness e-Learning course

The UCL Environment Awareness e-Learning course focuses on environmental good practice and is an essential introduction to sustainability at UCL.

UCL Green Resolutions film

George Joseph talks about PALS New Year’s Green resolutions in this film showing how much action is being taken across UCL to improve our environmental impact.

Ways in which you can help:

Further information on environmental issues


Contact the Divisional Green Team for advice.

If you want to join the Green Impact Team then please contact John Draper.