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Palliative Care Conference

The Palliative Care Research Society is holding an academic meeting on spiritual issues in cancer and end of life care.  Understanding and researching spiritual and existential issues presents numerous challenges, both in theory and practice.  At this meeting, we aim to explore the philosophical background to our concepts of the meaning of the term spiritual and how we can improve our research methods in attempting to evaluate the role of spirituality in health and disease.  Caring for people at the end of life involves special awareness of matters spiritual.  Determining how we can develop and evaluate better ways to meet the needs of patients who are facing life threatening illness and death is of fundamental importance to good care: several of our speakers are expert in the practical as well as theoretical aspects of this work.  Our group has close links to the National Cancer Research Institute Spirituality Subgroup of the Psycho-oncology Clinical Studies Development Group.

Conference Registration Form (Word doc, 40kb)