UCL Public and Cultural Engagement

UCL Public and Cultural Engagement (PACE) is home to the following units:

UCL Museums & Collections

Visitors to the Grant Museum

Museums and collections have a singular power to spark dialogue and debate, breathe life into learning and trigger new ways of thinking. UCL's outstanding collections play an unparalleled role in the university's ethos of opening up and transforming education.

UCL Public Engagement

Creating Connections event

Image: Creating Connections

The UCL Public Engagement Unit helps staff and students at UCL to involve members of the public in their work, to make UCL more relevant to its local communities all over the word.

We help UCL staff and students with:

  • Funding for public engagement projects
  • Evaluation
  • Training
  • Advice
  • Networking opportunities, and help to find partner organisations and projects

We also help to recognise and reward public engagement work across UCL.

Bloomsbury Theatre

Bloomsbury theatre seating

The Bloomsbury Theatre is a spacious and welcoming theatre based in the heart of UCL. The Theatre hosts student productions for 12 weeks annually, whilst hosting professional productions for the rest of the year.