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Institute of Origins Launch Event

27 February 2009


UCL Institute of Origins has announced the beginning of its operations. To celebrate this we held a Launch Event in the afternoon of 27th February 2009 at UCL. It started with talks and was followed by a reception. The keynote speeches were given by Sir Paul Nurse and Prof. John Ellis. 


All talks have been filmed and are accessible via flash video player below:

  • Prof. Louise Harra - "Institute of Origins"
  • Sir Paul Nurse - "Curiosity and Science"
  • Prof. John Ellis - "Particles and Cosmology"

The whole event has also been photographed and all photos are published in our gallery.

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

For those of you, who did not have enough time during the event to read through them, all posters containing ideas behind the Institute and its core research themes are accessible below (in pdf files):