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Origins Meeting

Origins Meeting Large

22 April 2010

A small meeting has been organized for the new PhD students and post-doc researchers supported by the Institute of Origins.

The meeting took place in the South Wing Council Room. There were 17 speakers over the course of one afternoon. The final schedule of the meeting is included below.


1:00 - 1:30 pm    Pre-meeting lunch 

Introduction to sections 

1:30 pm        Introduction to UCL Institute of Origins - Louise Harra 
1:40 pm        Overview of Origins research in Neutrino Physics - Ofer Lahav / Amy Connolly 
1:50 pm        Overview of Origins research in Mathematical Foundations - Dmitri Vassiliev 
2:00 pm        Overview of Origins research in Galaxy Evolution - Mike Barlow 
2:10 pm        Overview of Origins research in Planetary Science - Lidunka Vocadlo

PhD student presentations 

2:25 pm        Olga Chervova 
2:35 pm        Fotini Economou 
2:45 pm        Oskar Karczewski 
2:55 pm        Lucy Norman 
3:05 pm        Atifah Mussa 

--- Coffee break --- 

Post-doc presentations 

3:35 pm        Shaun Thomas 
3:50 pm        Yury Obukhov 
4:05 pm        Lewis Dartnell 
4:20 pm        Matias Dahl 
4:35 pm        Mikako Matsuura 

4:50 pm        Open Discussion and Q&A session 

5:20 pm        Wrap up - Louise Harra