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Half-day workshop on Mathematical Foundations

13 February 2009


On Friday, 13 February 2009, the Mathematical Foundation group organised a half-day workshop to discuss current and future activities in this research theme. Various group members gave short presentation, covering all possible subject area in Mathematical Foundations.

The meeting started started with a brief introduction by Christian Boehmer on the research areas within Mathematical Foundations. Then various group members gave short presentations about their research within the Origins spirit.

Kinwah Wu gave a very interesting talk on Magnetic fields in astrophysics and cosmology (PDF) which led to various discussions.

Galaxy Mergers

The second talk, by Dmitri Vassieliev, discussed the Dirac and Weyl equation from Cosserat elasticity (PDF). The research combines theoretical physics with the rigorous analysis of partial differential equations.

The next speaker was Robert Thorne which gave an overview of High energy physics phenomenology (PDF) which stressed the importance of Quantum Chromodynamics at the LHC.

Houri Ziaeepour talked about Gravity and its role in a quantic universe (PDF) which described new ideas about the possible relations of quantum theory and gravity.

The final talk was given by James Burnett who presented Many particle systems (PDF) in various context, ranging from theoretical physics to traffic jams.

As the talks indicate, Mathematical Foundations is a large research area which covers the four fundamental forces and much more. We believe that progress in this area requires joint efforts using various ideas and insights from all areas of Mathematics and Physics.