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Galaxy Evolution theme meeting

4th March 2009


The meeting took place be on 4th of March 2009 from 2 to 4 in E7 (Physics and Astronomy). The aim of the meeting was to discuss the activities of relevance for the Galaxy Evolution theme, also within the context of the cosmological picture.

The plan was to provide a summary of the activities on this theme that were going on at the moment at UCL and to discuss future ideas/collaborations between departments.

During meeting summaries (5-10 min max) of their research were presented by:

  • Mat Page (MSSL)
  • Roger Wesson (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Nick Seymour  (MSSL)
  • Serena Viti (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Daisuke Kawata (MSSL)
  • Mike Barlow (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Mark Westmoquette (Physics and Astronomy)