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MSc Degree in Planetary Science

UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Origins is now offering a new interdisciplinary MSc Degree in Planetary Science.

"Exploring Other Worlds Through An Interdisciplinary Curriculum

The MSc programme in Planetary Science has a curriculum which is drawn from a variety of academic departments within UCL, including Physics and Astronomy, Space and Climate Physics, Earth Sciences and Physiology and Cell and Developmental Biology. The programme thus has a strong interdisciplinary flavour, in line with the ethos of UCL's Centre for Planetary Sciences. The combination of taught courses and project work allows prospective students to study a wide variety of topics related to planetary and space environments, such as: planetary interiors, atmospheres and magnetospheres; the impact of the space environment on human physiology and life; and the application of current knowledge to investigations of extrasolar planets - worlds in other stellar systems."



UCL studentships in Origins and Evolution of the Universe

There are no PhD positions currently on offer in the Institute of Origins. 

Other PhD Opportunities at UCL

In addition there are also PhD places available within each group/department:

Earth Sciences

High Energy Physics


Physics and Astronomy, Astrophysics

Space and Climate Physics