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Issue No. 2 (Spring 2007)

  • Articles
  1. The Forgotten Rights: The Case for the Legal Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights in the UK National Law
    by Asha P. James {LLM Student, Laws}
  2. The Second Decade: What Can We Do About the Adolescent Brain?
    by Catherine Sebastian {Ph.D. Student, Life Sciences}
  3. The Word of the Father / The Body of the Mother: Dimensions of Gender in Tarkovsky's Mirror
    by Alice Gavin {M.A. Student, Arts & Humanities}
  4. To What Extent are International Organizations Autonomous Actors in World Politics?
    by Alexander Andreev {M.Sc. Student, Social & Historical Sciences}
  5. Poetry of Squalor: Exploring the Borgata in Pier Paolo Pasolini's Accattone
    by Pei-Suin Ng {Ph.D. Student, Arts & Humanities}
  6. Scopic Regime and Organised Walking - A Typological Study on the Modern Museum
    by Hsu Huang {Ph.D. Student, The Bartlett}
    Appendix ~ Bibliography ~ Image Gallery
  7. Anti-Bardolatry Through the Ages - Or, Why Voltaire, Tolstoy, Shaw and Wittgenstein Didn't Like Shakespeare
    by Erin Sullivan {Ph.D. Student, Biomedical Sciences}
  • Reviews & Commentaries
  1. The Meaning of Racially Aggravated Crime: A New Decision from the House of Lords
    by Miriam Goldby {Ph.D. Student, Laws}
  2. Re-Imagining the Caesars
    by Dr Marco Angelini {Educational Liaison at UCL}
  • Creative Work
  1. Altered Realities
    by Linda Tilling {Technical Administrator (Health & Safety), Royal Free & University College Medical School}
  2. Greyscapes
    by Dorota Sciepko-Cram {UCL Registry}
  3. The Dharma of Poetry
    by Mike Bovingdon {Senior Technician, Biomedical Sciences}
  • To the Jugular of Jargon
    by Dr Oliver Hulme {Postdoctoral Researcher, Biomedical Sciences}
    and Louise Whiteley {Ph.D. Student, Life Sciences}