The Team

Martin Utley Christina Pagel Steve Gallivan
Professor Martin Utley Dr Christina Pagel Professor Steve Gallivan
Christos Vasilakis Sonya Crowe Tom Treasure
Dr Christos Vasilakis Dr Sonya Crowe Professor Tom Treasure

Professor Martin Utley

Director of the unit, Martin joined CORU in 1996 having gained a PhD in high-energy physics. Martin has experience of working on a wide variety of problems in health and health care, spanning many clinical areas. Actively involved in all of CORU's current research, he is committed to assisting those planning, delivering or evaluating health services by developing, adapting and applying operational research techniques. Martin also acts as scientific advisor to the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) and is editor of the journal Operations Research for Health Care.

Martin's publications | Email: m.utley@ucl.ac.uk

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Dr Christos Vasilakis

Christos has qualifications in operational research and computer science and has more than ten years of experience as a researcher in health systems. After a number of years lecturing at another London university and having spent a year in Vancouver as a post-doctoral fellow, Christos joined CORU in 2007 as a Principal Research Fellow. He has worked on projects related to hospital acquired infections and how best to involve clinicians in the development of simulation models.

Christos' publications | Email: c.vasilakis@ucl.ac.uk

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Dr Christina Pagel

Christina has a background in both mathematics and physics, gaining her PhD in space physics. After 3 years as a post-doctoral physicist in Boston, she decided to make the transition into operational research applied to health care and joined CORU in 2005. In 2008, Christina was promoted to the position of Senior Research Fellow and in 2013 became a lecturer in Operational Research as a joint post between CORU and the UCL Department of Applied Health Research. She has worked on a variety of projects including: capacity planning in both community and secondary care settings, risk models for surgical outcomes, modelling to inform decisions on the national immunisation programme, trial analysis, modelling to inform decisions about interventions in Asia and Africa to help maternal and child health and service improvement projects within hospitals. She is currently working on projects relating to congenital heart disease in children, paediatric intensive care and analyses to support hospital-led improvement projects.

Christina's publications | Email: c.pagel@ucl.ac.uk

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Dr Sonya Crowe

Sonya has a background in physics, gaining her PhD in experimental condensed matter physics in 2005. Before joining CORU, she worked for the Government Operational Research Service as a senior OR analyst at the Department of Health. Since joining CORU in 2009, she has worked on projects relating to a variety of areas, including: health protection policy, clinical risk models, the use of bridging technologies within child heart transplant programmes, newborn care practices in rural south east Asia and malnutrition prevalence estimates. She is now a Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellow, using OR to explore ways of improving outcomes for infants once they’ve returned home after cardiac surgery. During the fellowship, Sonya will be studying the role that OR plays in the complex decision-making process of designing a better service.

Sonya's publications | Email: sonya.crowe@ucl.ac.uk

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Professor Steve Gallivan

Steve has been active in operational research for over 30 years and served as Director of CORU between 1995 and 2007, devoting his time since then to a variety of research projects. With a PhD in pure mathematics, he started his OR career in traffic engineering before transferring his skills to health. He has over 200 publications and is always looking for new ways of using mathematics in useful applications. In 2009, Steve was awarded the Harold Lardner prize by the Canadian Operational Research Society.

Steve's publications | Email:steve.gallivan@ucl.ac.uk

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Professor Tom Treasure

Tom joined CORU following a long and successful career as a cardio-thoracic surgeon, during which he collaborated with CORU on research of mutual interest. In his honorary role, Tom contributes his considerable knowledge and clinical experience to ongoing projects concerning outcomes following surgery and hospital acquired infections, as well as conducting his own research regarding the evidence base for thoracic surgery.

Tom's publications | Email:tom.treasure@gmail.com

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Mr Chris Sherlaw-Johnson

With an academic background in mathematics and operational research, Chris spent many years at CORU working on a variety of projects. Now leading a team within the surveillance division of the Care Quality Commission, Chris retains active research links with CORU in areas of mutual interest and is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow within the unit.

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