Clinical Operational Research Unit (CORU)


Christina Pagel has paper published in The Lancet

19 May 2011

The findings of a UCL study investigating possible improvements to maternity care in Africa have appeared in the Lancet. The study was conducted by Christina Pagel of CORU, along with Professor Anthony Costello (UCL Institute of Child Health) and colleagues.

Christina and colleagues developed a mathematical model to assess the extent to which a combination of improving health facilities and community-based access to life-saving drugs could reduce maternal mortality due to post-partum haemorrhage or sepsis. They found that improving health facilities and access to drugs could mean 60,000 fewer maternal deaths in Africa per year from post-partum bleeding and sepsis. Lancet Editor Richard Horton has stated that the work has the “... potential to transform our views of maternal health”. For further information, see the original UCL news story. The Lancet paper detailing the study findings can also be viewed online.

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