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Funding bid to understand complications following children's heart surgery successful!

16 August 2013

CORU is a co-applicant on a successful bid to the National Institute of Health Research's Health Services & Delivery Research Programme (NIHR HS&DR) to select, define and evaluate important complications following heart surgery in children. The project is led by Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and will also involve clinical teams from University Hospitals Bristol, Royal Hospital For Sick Children in Glasgow, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Evelina Children’s Hospital in London. The Children's Heart Federation is also a co-applicant on the bid and will help facilitate planned work with patients and their families.

Survival rates following heart surgery in children are getting ever better due to improving techniques and care. However, it is still risky surgery and at least 500 children per year experience complications, such as brain injury or serious infection. We don’t know how often complications occur, which children are most at risk and what the impacts are on children and families.

We plan to work with patient groups to select important complications and develop objective protocols for how to measure them. We will then track the most important complications for all children who have surgery in the 5 participating hospitals and measure the impact of these, in terms of quality of life and any extra expense borne by the family or the health service.

At CORU, we will also work with patient groups on how the emerging information can be best given to children and families and with clinicians to develop robust systems to let clinical teams monitor complications in their ongoing practice.

This is an exciting and important £1.1 million project starting in January 2014 for three and a half years and we are delighted to contribute.

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