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Pandemic flu countermeasure work published in Vaccine

21 June 2011

CORU's work with the UK Department of Health last year has resulted in a paper1 published in Vaccine. One of the major complications of flu is pneumonia and it was thought that vaccinating the population against pneumococcal pneumonia at the start of a pandemic might prevent deaths due to complications of flu. We built a mathematical model to investigate the potential effect of such a policy using a variety of estimates over the efficacy of the pneumonia vaccine, the virulence of the flu and the achievable coverage of such a vaccination programme. We found that there were substantial reductions in deaths only under specific circumstances - a virulent flu where most complications were due to pneumococcal pneumonia. 

1. Crowe S, Utley M, Walker G, Grove P, Pagel C (2011)
A model to evaluate mass vaccination against pneumococcus as a countermeasure against pandemic influenza
Vaccine. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2011.04.034

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