On the Move Poster

What's it all about?

There are 7 million of us in London.  What are we doing in London? Where have we all come from?  When did we come?  How did we get here? 

On the Move is a project bringing together youth groups, schools, historians, museums and artists to explore these questions about our lives in London.  We find out about the past and we wonder how the past was different from, or maybe the same as, our lives today.  

Then, we play with the past.  We connect history to ourselves, our lives and our communities.  We rap it, talk it, act it, sing it, dance it.  

What are we doing and how?

Each youth group or school starts its exploration with its own history.  We're asking when, how and why the youth group or school began and how it has changed.  Then we're linking its history to the history of the local area.  We'll dig up the past in museums and archives.  We'll ask local people for their memories.  We'll swap stories. Then we'll put them together and perform our histories. 

Who are we?

On the Move has seven teams. Each team is made up of a group of young people from a youth group or a school, a youth leader, a historian from UCL, a creative practitioner and a museum.  Click here to meet the teams!

When is it all happening?

On the Move takes off in January 2010, when each team begins their explorations.  And then ...

On 27th February 2010 in UCL's Old Refectory all the teams are coming together for one BIG event to share what we've found, ask more and more questions and perform our histories.