One Day in the City: 15 June 2012


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Getting Close But Then Again Not Close At All

Created especially for the One Day in the City Festival, part two of the two-part work ‘Getting close but then again not close at all’ (part one is on show at UCL Art Museum) is a live installation comprising eight performers with objects. The script, written in collaboration with UCL Art Museum visitors in response to prints by Giovanni Piranesi held in the museum collection, addresses some ongoing themes in the artist’s work: repetition as a perceived source of learning, but also a tool for abstraction, (mis)communication and (mis)interpretation in contemporary urban fabric, and references to backstage workings of theatre and cinema in comparison with the work of our own bodies. More...

London Liming

London Liming

London Liming offers a Caribbean carnival sensibility and is inspired by the Trinidadian tradition of liming. Come and hang out in the South Cloisters, socialise and experience the best in spoken word, fused with music & performance. The show will present poetry, prose and commentary from Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry Award recipient JOHN AGARD, comedian PRINCE ABDI, novelist NICK BARLAY, poets TIM CLARE and BRIDGET MINAMORE, rising star SOPHIE ROBINSKI, music and speech by MELANIE ABRAHAMS and JAMES INGHAM, and Brazilian, Soca, Reggae and summer party tunes by DJ: JAMIE RENTON. More...

Helena Hunter

Showing Seeing

      A screening of Showing Seeing a new short film work by Helena Hunter, followed by a discussion with poet and writer Saradha Soobrayen. The film is set in an optical museum and a museum of theatre and performance. The settings present a framing device for a personal narrative that negotiates the visual acts of remembering and forgetting. As the camera contemplates theatrical objects and optical artifacts a voice recounts experiences relating to looking, training, and performance. More...

Metropolis Transformed

Metropolis Transformed: King's Cross

Joe Kerr, Anne Howeson and Matthew Beaumont discuss the King's Cross Project. Anne's work will offer a route into this fascinating urban redevelopment: More...



For something a little different: this year members of the English department will be giving a number of short "in-a-nutshell" pop-up seminars on writers or writing they love, which relates to London and literature.