2012 Highlights

Joy Sleeman

8 May 2012

Joy Sleeman

Joy Sleeman is Head of Taught Courses in History and Theory of Art at the Slade School of Fine Art. Her research embraces aspects of the histories of sculpture and landscape and these two areas of interest coalesce in work on the new forms of landscape art that emerged in the 1960s, often referred to as 'Land Art'. Her publications related to this area include: ‘"Like two guys discovering Neptune": transatlantic dialogues in the emergence of Land Art’ (Anglo-American Exchange in Postwar Sculpture, 1945 – 1975, Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2011) and ‘Land Art and the Moon Landing’ (Journal of Visual Culture 8.3, 2009). She is currently co-curating an exhibition of Land Art in Britain, with the Arts Council Collection and Hayward Touring.


Joy's collaborative work with artist John Timberlake began with the project After London at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich in 2011, taking as its starting point the 1885 novel , After London or Wild England, by one-time Greenwich resident, Richard Jefferies. This research focuses on more apocalyptic visions of landscape. The collaboration continued with the co-organisation of a conference on Landscape and Eschatology at Tate Britain in January 2012.