2012 Highlights

Hope Wolf

9 May 2012

Hope Wolf

Dr Hope Wolf is a Teaching Fellow in Life Writing at King's College London. Her research and teaching focuses on 20th century and contemporary life writing and literature. After taking her BA and MPhil degrees at Cambridge University, she began researching at the Imperial War Museum, funded by an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award. After completing her doctorate she held a Graduate Fellowship at the Human Rights Consortium, working on a Mellon Sawyer project, 'Fratricide and Fraternité: Understanding and Repairing Neighborly Violence.' From August 2010 she worked as the Lead Researcher on Strandlines: a community engagement project based at the Centre for Life-Writing Research at King’s College London.

Abstract: One Day on the Strand

My paper will introduce Strandlines: a project run by the Centre for Life-Writing Research at King’s College London. The aim of the project is to explore lives on London’s famous road, the Strand – past, present and creative. To this end, life-writing workshops have been organized with residential groups; interviews have been conducted; artistic responses have been commissioned; and an interactive website has been set-up, inviting contributions from members of the Strand community and beyond. ‘One day on the Strand’ will draw attention to the kinds of contributions that have been collected over the past year (written reminiscences, stories, poems, audio recordings, photographs, drawings and objects), and will reflect upon what these suggest about the relationship between (auto)biographyand place. The paper will be particularly concerned with the ways in which past stories intersect with contemporary tales: the place of local myths, legends and anecdotes in the lives of Strand dwellers and workers.