2012 Highlights

Ruth Richardson

8 May 2012

Ruth Richardson

I am a Londoner born & bred, from generations of Londoners. I'm an interdisciplinary historian, with an interest in architecture, medicine, and London life and literature. I have written several books: *Death Dissection & the Destitute* (Chicago University Press, 2000); *Vintage Papers from The Lancet* (Elsevier, 2006); *The Making of Mr Gray's Anatomy*(Oxford University Press, 2008) and *Dickens & the Workhouse* (Oxford University Press, 2012).

Abstract: London Works

This is a brief paper on the past & present of the way London works affect the visual and urban imagination of a pedestrian. It will compare visual evidences of London works from the nineteenth century and today to give a sense of the metropolitan construction & destruction with which we are all familiar, but rarely discuss.*