One Day in the City 2014 News

Getting Close But Then Again Not Close At All

12 June 2014

12.30pm Darwin Foyer Steps; Gustave Tuck Steps; Main Steps

1.50pm Gustave Tuck Steps

2pm and 2.45pm Darwin LT

3pm Gustave Tuck Steps

3.50pm Gustave Tuck Steps, Main Steps

Created especially for the One Day in the City Festival, part two of the two-part work ‘Getting close but then again not close at all’ (part one is on show at UCL Art Museum) is a live installation comprising eight performers with objects. The script, written in collaboration with UCL Art Museum visitors in response to prints by Giovanni Piranesi held in the museum collection, addresses some ongoing themes in the artist’s work: repetition as a perceived source of learning, but also a tool for abstraction, (mis)communication and (mis)interpretation in contemporary urban fabric, and references to backstage workings of theatre and cinema in comparison with the work of our own bodies.