Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the Olympics and the Paralympics?

Olympic Games: 27 July – 12 August 2012
Paralympic Games: 29 August – 9 September

Will UCL be operating as normal during this period?

Yes, but there will be some disruption to travel and supplier arrangements

Will my Department be affected?

Head’s of Department have been asked to assess likely impacts and to develop their business continuity plans in response to a Business Impact Assessment issued to all Heads of Department.

Will my journey to work be disrupted?

Possibly, dependent on where you live and your route in. Tfl are advising to avoid hot spot stations where you may wait up to 50 minutes to get into the station. Please refer to TfL's travel information pages which includes suggestions for alternative routes or stations to use to minimise disruption.

Can I drive to work?

TfL are advising that the roads will be very congested. Please refer to the travel information pages. No additional parking will be available at UCL during the period.

Can I work flexible hours to avoid the busy Olympics periods?

Flexible working patterns should be considered, where this is possible and in line with service needs. Requests for temporary changes to working patterns must be discussed with and agreed by your line manager.

Can I work remotely from home and what is the process to coordinate remote working times with supervisors and colleagues?

Remote working is encouraged where possible but UCL's critical business must continue during this period. Requests to work remotely must be discussed with and agreed by your line manager.

Where possible, staff and Line Managers are strongly encouraged to consider all alternative working arrangements. See guidance on managing staffing levels for a range of options to consider.

Will UCL Keep me informed of any particular difficulties or issues during the Olympic period?

Important messages will be put on the UCL webpages. As part of UCL's major incident planning we will get urgent messages to staff via mobiles. Please ensure your personal contact details are up to date (you can check and update next time you are on MyView) to ensure you receive any such urgent messages.

What is the procedure to book a room for essential staff?

Limited rooms in Schafer House are available for key personal only and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

To register your interest please email your details to Steve Shine.

Will estate services be available during this period?

Yes, every effort will be made to deliver normal services during this period although external factors may cause last minute changes.

Can I have deliveries during this period?

If your delivery is not critical we would advise rescheduling to either before or after the Olympic Period. Where deliveries or collections are absolutely critical, they may need to happen outside of normal working hours.

Will the emergency services be able to reach us?

Yes, access along the Olympic routes will be given to all emergency vehicles but additional effort should be made to reduce the number of false alarms during this busy period.

Will all Health and Safety services be covered through this period?

ALL Departments are reminded to:

  1. Ensure they have adequate fire evacuation marshal and first aid cover during this period.
  2. Keep an up to date list of their department fire evacuation marshals and first aiders, ensuring this list is available to ALL staff.
What if the above does not answer my questions?

Please email your query to for a more detailed response.

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