Facilities Services

Soft Services

Cleaning, waste and portering will continue to operate as near normal service as possible during the Games, with any late alterations being announced via the Olympics and Estates webpages.There will possibly be some additional catering services during the fortnight but these will be publicised when the details are confirmed.

Hazardous Waste Services

Fortnightly Bulk collections will be cancelled during Olympic period. Provison will be made for users to bring waste solvents and other bulk chemicals to a central store.

Fortnight Laboratory Chemical collections will not happen as usual. We would urge users to hang onto waste chemicals during this period and where possible arrange to dispose of unwanted chemicals before the start of the Olympics.  However some provision will be made for chemicals to be stored centrally if necessary.

Clinical Waste wheelie bins (the bins outside the Building) will still be emptied but they may not be changed as frequently as normal. Extra bin capacity will be made available to cover this this if necessary.

Security Services

During the Olympic period the Security Department will be increasing its complement of staff in order to carry out more patrols in and around the UCL Bloomsbury Campus due to the increased amount of people in the area and also to support events arranged on Campus during the games.


We will be aiming to provide as near a normal service as possible, please continue to register request by telephoning the Customer Services Centre on 020 7679 0000 (extension 30000) or using the Maintenance Service Request Form

Mail Services

Mail Service will continue to operate as near normal service as possible during the Games. Delivery/collection times could vary with little or no notice due to expected travel congestion. We aim to continue our 'clear office' policy to ensure all external mail is processed accordingly on a daily basis

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