UCL OER Projects

These completed UCL projects gained external funding to develop and release Open Educational Resources.

DHOER: Digital Humanities Open Educational Resources

DHOER logo

The DHOER project is creating Open Educational Resources (OER) from a comprehensive range of introductory materials in Digital Humanities, enriched with multimedia and Web 2.0 components, made freely available to anyone. As well as supporting the Digital Humanities, the DHOER project will benefit many cognate disciplines, including the whole spectrum of the Arts and Humanities, Cultural Heritage, Information Studies, Library Studies, and Computer Science.

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CPD4HE: Open Resources on HE Teaching and Learning

CPD4HE logo

The CPD4HE project addresses the need to provide varied and flexible support for the professional development of staff who teach in HE. It will release open educational resources to support professional development with focus on Digital Literacies and Discipline-specific Teaching and Learning. Guidance materials accompanying the resources will show how they map onto the UK Professional Standards Framework and will capture the experiences of educational developers and HE teachers who have used them.

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Open Learning Environment for Early Modern Low Countries History

Image for Dutch Histiry project

This project was part of the individual strand of JISC's and the Higher Education Academy's Open Educational Resources pilot programme in 2009/10. The project turned a comprehensive survey course in Early Modern Low Countries history into a multimedia and Web 2.0 enriched Open Educational Resource. A special focus of the project was put on relations between the Low Countries and the Anglophone world. The UKOER programme has been designed to support institutions, consortia and individuals to release open educational resources for use and repurposing worldwide, by assisting the development of appropriate processes and policies to make this process an integral part of the learning material creation workflow.

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VERB: A Virtual Educational Resource for the Biosciences

Image for VERB project

VERB (Virtual Educational Resource for the Biosciences) is an online teaching and learning resource created by student Alex Lee (Zoology 2009), Dr Helen Chatterjee (GEE) and Mark Carnall (Grant Museum), designed to accompany and enhance undergraduate degrees in the Biosciences. It contains a series of web books outlining the diversity of the animal kingdom from an evolutionary perspective, plus an associated glossary with hyperlinked entries. The topics of focus are phylogeny (evolutionary history) and functional anatomy, but subjects as wide as genetics, ecology, physiology, development, and cell biology are discussed where relevant.

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