National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood


Pregnancies in HIV-positive women

All pregnant women with diagnosed HIV living in the UK or Ireland should be reported through our active quarterly reporting scheme. No names are requested or recorded, but reports from different sources are matched by date of birth, location of report and other demographic variables.

  • Each maternity unit in the UK and Ireland has a named respondent who is responsible for all reports to the NSHPC.
How to report a pregnancy

Please let us know:

  • If you have a pregnancy to notify and are unclear about who is responsible for reporting in your unit.
  • If you believe we haven't sent you sufficient forms.
  • If you have taken over from a previous respondent in your unit.

If you are contacting us regarding a specific case, please remember we do not have patients' names in our database. Useful identifiers to provide are:

  • Our unique mother study number (MSTU) or child study number (CSTU) if allocated
  • Date of birth (mother and/or child) only via telephone or sent to a NHS.net email address
  • Hospital of birth
  • Soundex

For further queries about obstetric reporting, please contact Rebecca Sconza: