Prof Angus Silver


Personal Profile

Name: Angus Silver Email:
Title: Prof Tel: 020 7679 7830
Department: Neuro, Physiology & Pharmacology Fax:
Position: Professor of Neuroscience & Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow Address: Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, Medical Sciences Building, UCL, London, WC1E 6BT
Research Domain: Basic Life Sciences, Biomedical Imaging (Frontier Disciplines), Computational Science & Digital Systems, Neuroscience Web Page: Personal Web Page


Research Description

The brain gathers information about the body and the surrounding world, allowing it to build internal representations and to plan and execute movement. My lab works on how synapses, neurons and networks transmit and process such information and perform computations. The brain areas we investigate include the cerebellum and the sensory cortex.

The main aim of our work is to develop a mechanistic understanding of brain function that links the molecular, synaptic, neuronal and network levels. This requires a multidisciplinary approach that combines the most powerful experimental and theoretical methods available. To achieve this we both develop and apply new optical methods for measuring rapid signalling in 3D and new software tools for data acquisition, analysis and modelling. Application of these new experimental and theoretical approaches allows us to link neuronal mechanisms to information processing, thereby bridging different levels of description of brain function.

Research Activities

Synaptic transmission, synaptic integration and information processing in neural networks

experience-dependent cortical plasticity, circuits underlying sensory processing and behaviour

Education Description

I run a 3rd year course entitled "The cellular basis of brain function".

UCL Collaborators

Prof Dmitri Rusakov; Dr Thomas Mrsic-Flogel; Dr Jason Rothman

External Collaborators



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