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Mark Farrant

Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology

Ionotropic GABA and glutamate receptor signalling

We are interested in understanding the role played by receptor subunit heterogeneity in dictating the properties of fast excitatory and inhibitory synaptic transmission and non-synaptic signalling. We focus on ionotropic GABAA receptors and AMPA- and NMDA-type glutamate receptors in the cerebellum. We use patch-clamp electrophysiology in combination with molecular approaches to investigate the properties of heterologously expressed recombinant receptors and to examine synaptic and non-synaptic signalling in acute brain slices and neuronal cultures from wild-type and mutant or genetically modified mice.


Ongoing projects include: investigating the regulation of GABAA receptor function by subunit RNA editing; studying the effects of stargazin and related transmembrane AMPA receptor regulatory proteins (TARPs) on receptor function and excitatory synaptic transmission; examining inhibitory signalling in transgenic animals with modified GABAA receptors.


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