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Kris Jessen & Rhona Mirsky

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

Development, differentiation and de-differentiation of peripheral glial cells

Peripheral nerve provides a simple model for studying the cell-cell signals, cytoplasmic pathways and transcription factors that shape mammalian development. It also provides a special opportunity to study neural repair and regeneration following injury. Work in this laboratory is aimed at understanding how multipotent neural crest cells are biased towards the Schwann cell lineage, how such cells become lineage committed, and what factors regulate their differentiation to myelin forming cells and their de-differentiation after nerve injury. A main focus of our studies involves understanding how transcription factors such as c-Jun and signalling molecules such as Notch regulate commitment of Schwann cells to myelination during development and de-myelination following injury. A variety of molecular and cellular methods (in situ hybridisation, RT-PCR, cDNA cloning, immunohistochemistry, cell culture) are routinely applied to nerves from normal and transgenic animals (rats and mice).


We are currently interested in the role of the transcription factor c-Jun in the control of Schwann cell de-differentiation after nerve injury and in animal models of inherited nervous system diseases. We have found that lack of c-Jun has profound effects on the behaviour of injured Schwann cells, causing them to de-myelinate and de-differentiate more slowly than usual. This in turn has effects on the recruitment of macrophages and on the re-growth of axons into the damaged nerve. Currently we would like to understand at the molecular level how c-Jun controls the intrinsic Schwann cell response to injury, and how c-Jun controls the critical communication between Schwann cells and their environment in regenerating nerves, especially macrophages and growing axons. We have also found that the signalling molecule Notch speeds up the transition of Schwann cell precursors to Schwann cells and that it regulates Schwann cell proliferation and myelination. Using mice that either over-express or lack components of the Notch pathway, we are investigating how Notch acts to negatively regulate myelination both in development and after nerve injury. Possible links between the actions of c-Jun and Notch are also being explored.


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