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Jason Warren

Dementia Research Centre (Institute of Neurology)

Clinical neuroscience of complex sound

The key objective of my group is to identify mechanisms of neural network dysfunction and impaired information processing that link tissue pathology with clinical symptoms in neurodegenerative disease, using the paradigm of complex sounds (speech, environmental noises, and music). This brain-behaviour focus is complementary to other diagnostic biomarker and structural imaging work at the Dementia Research Centre. My group applies cognitive neuropsychology, morphometric and functional brain imaging techniques to the analysis of cognitive and behavioural deficits in the common dementias. We pursue two broad parallel research streams devoted to nonverbal and verbal mechanisms, respectively. The nonverbal stream addresses the cognition and anatomy of extra-linguistic concepts and codes, and how these map onto behavioural and emotional deficits in dementia diseases. The verbal stream is directed to the neurolinguistic, cognitive, behavioural and neuroanatomical characterisation of a key group of focal dementias: the primary progressive aphasias.


Current PhD projects include the network pathophysiology of human vocal signals (an investigation of the brain correlates of defective voice and accent processing in neurodegenerative disease); and musical mentalising in dementia (an investigation of the brain mechanisms that represent surrogate mental states in music, how dementias affect these mechanisms and what this tells us about the pathophysiology of behavioural change in these diseases).


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Current Opinion in Neurology In press

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