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Alasdair Gibb

Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology

Ion channel receptors and synaptic transmission

Dr Gibb’s research interests are in the properties of glutamate receptors in the central nervous system (CNS). These are by far the most common receptors involved in fast, excitatory, synaptic transmission between central neurones. Of the two most common types of glutamate receptor, Dr Gibb’s main interest is in the NMDA receptor. The NMDA receptor generates a relatively slow synaptic current which is partly carried by calcium ions. This calcium influx into a neurone is critically involved in integration of synaptic activity by postsynaptic density proteins such as calmodulin, calcineurin and calcium and calmodulin-dependent protein kinase. Calcium influx through NMDA receptor-channels is also involved in neuronal cell death as a result of stroke or epileptic seizures. The properties of NMDA receptors and how they are affected by drugs are investigated by electrophysiological methods, particularly by single ion channel recording of NMDA receptors in the hippocampus and basal ganglia neurones involved in Parkinson’s disease. The aim of the experiments is to provide a quantitative description of the NMDA receptor properties. The overall intention is to improve understanding of central synaptic transmission.




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