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Annette Dolphin

Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology

Voltage-dependent calcium channels

  • The voltage gated calcium channels consist of a pore-forming α1 subunit with b and a2δ auxiliary subunits.
  • In my lab we work on several main areas including the role of the calcium channel α2δ subunits and their relation to disease.
  • The α2δ-1 and α2δ-2 proteins are therapeutic targets for the widely used anti-epileptic drug gabapentin, which is also effective in various neuropathic pain conditions. Furthermore α2δ-1 is up-regulated in damaged sensory neurons in experimental models of neuropathic pain.
  • The projects relate to this area, which is funded by a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator award.

Three month project placement for Wellcome Neuroscience PhD students.

Example Project: Investigation of synaptic expression of calcium channel subunits in neurons. Hypothesis Voltage-gated calcium channel a2δ subunits traffic N type calcium channels (CaV2.2) to synapses Aims We have made CaV2.2 with a tag in an external loop that enables the proteins to be labelled directly with a fluorophore. We aim to express this in neurons together with other proteins, including other calcium channel subunits and fluorescently labelled synaptic markers. We will use a number of types of neuron, for example hippocampal neurons or dorsal root ganglion neurons Methods The methods used will involve molecular biology, confocal imaging and analysis. You will also learn to culture neurons for expression studies by and transfect by nucleofection. If the project were extended to a PhD you would perform live cell imaging studies in neurons and examine the effect of gabapentin on the ability of α2δ subunits to traffic calcium channels.



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