NMR Facility at UCL Chemistry

Sample Changer of the 300 MHz Instrument

Our NMR equipment is used primarily by students and staff at Department of Chemistry, University College London, UK. In addition, access to solid-state and solution NMR instruments isĀ  provided to users from other UCL departments and institutes, as well as from other UK universities, research institutes and industrial companies. We run >60,000 spectra a year. Our 600 MHz instrument with a 1H,13C-optimised cryoprobe provides the highest sensitivity in the UK for 13C NMR measurements. The 700 MHz instruments is currently equipped with a room-temperature broadband probe. A delivery of a helium-cooled broadband probe is expected in March 2018. For further information, please contact Dr Abil Aliev.

View of the lab from entrance

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