NICOR: National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research


National Heart Failure Audit 2011/12 Annual Report

21 August 2013

The National Heart Failure Audit 2011/12 Annual Report was published on 27th November 2012.

The report highlights the urgent need for more patients who are admitted to hospital with heart failure to receive specialist care on a cardiology ward. This recommended practice reduces deaths and improves access to treatments and specialist follow-up.

If care is provided by a cardiology ward the likelihood of survival is far greater than if a patient is admitted to other wards - on average 8% died on a cardiology ward compared to 13% on general medical wards and 17% on other wards.

The report, which collected data on 37,076 heart failure admissions over the period 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2012, supports analysis from previous years. However, this year is the first time that hospital level analysis on clinical practice has been published, which it is hoped will spur hospitals to improve their clinical practice and to accurately record this through the National Heart Failure Audit.

This report was amended at 15.40 on 28/11/2012. All versions downloaded before this point are therefore invalid.