NICOR: National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research


NICOR and Everyone Counts

Publication date: Jun 28, 2013 2:29:50 PM

As part of the ‘Everyone Counts’ initiative, individual consultants’ results are being published, based on national clinical audit data. Two of NICOR’s national cardiac audits are amongst the 10 specialties covered, providing data in relation to adult cardiac surgery and non-surgical interventional cardiology. The work was coordinated for NHS England by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) which commissions national clinical audit work for NHS England.

The outcomes reporting was led by HQIP Outcomes Director Professor Ben Bridgewater, a practicing heart surgeon who is the clinical lead for NICOR’s Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit. NICOR’s Becca Cosgriff worked alongside Ben during a specially-arranged secondment to HQIP. The landmark publication of the data, which is available via NHS Choices and includes quality information and survival rates, will help reassure patients about the high quality of treatment they should expect. It is part of a major NHS drive to improve transparency of information about its services and drive up quality.

Ben Bridgewater commented: "Ultimately there is one patient and one responsible consultant. This means the public can now know about the care given by each doctor and be reassured an early warning system is in place to identify and deal with any problems. A number of extra new safety checks have been created as natural by-products of putting this work in train, and this will only improve as processes are refined. In terms of geographical coverage and specialties covered, this is truly ground breaking."

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, National Medical Director at NHS England, said: “This is a momentous moment in NHS history: Never before has this level of information been publically available in one place. As little as twenty years ago, this simply wouldn’t have been practical. Not only will the information reassure patients the quality of NHS service is what they should expect, it provides unprecedented transparency and scrutiny and allows patients to have informed conversations with their doctors if needed. This really is a landmark moment for the NHS and sets the tone for how we intend to move forward. As a former surgeon, I know that this is absolutely the right thing to do.” “I am particularly thankful to the consultants, specialist societies and national audit teams who have really got behind this important piece of work and made it a reality.”

The publication of the data was initially set out in offer two of NHS England’s planning guidance ‘Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14.’ The data will be available via NHS Choices. It will initially be refreshed annually and reporting of data in this way will be mandatory from 2014/15. Further details can be found at HQIP and at NHS England.