NICOR: National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research


NICOR statement - Paediatric cardiac surgery 

Publication date: Apr 16, 2013 3:01:49 PM

NICOR (the National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research) analyses data submitted by NHS clinicians about heart disease patients' quality of care and outcomes. NICOR is committed to providing appropriately analysed, accurate outcome data in a timely manner which is understandable by the public, healthcare providers and the medical profession. We work closely with the specialist Clinical Societies.

At the request of NHS England, NICOR recently provided an independent analysis of paediatric cardiac surgical mortality in units within England and Wales for 2009-12. The analysis benefits from the use of new sophisticated case mix-adjustment methodology (PRAiS – Partial Risk Adjustment in Surgery).

The analyses reveal no statistically significant outliers in terms of mortality at any of the units in England and Wales, including at Leeds General Infirmary. Mortality is only one of the measures used to determine quality of care, but is currently the most robust available.

NICOR has policies in place relating to analysis, communications and release of data.  We will investigate whether any breach of these policies has occurred and act promptly to ensure that NICOR protocols are followed by all staff.