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We recognize the value of the MINAP data, certainly in improving patient care but also in its secondary use amongst others, for research. Therefore, in 2005 the MINAP Academic Group (MAG) was established to maximise the research potential of MINAP database and to establish processes for the safe distribution and return of sub-sets of MINAP data to research groups. The MAG is responsible for ensuring that data are only accessed by researchers with bona fide projects of high scientific probity who respect the conditions of confidentiality and security. MAG was delegated the responsibility for releasing MINAP data by the Health Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) through which MINAP is funded.

Current position

The last year has seen major developments driven by the MINAP Academic Group. We now have a truly nationwide programme incorporating many of the top cardiological and epidemiological research groups in the UK. In the last 12 months alone approvals have been given for data-sharing with researchers in London, Birmingham, Belfast, Leeds, Leicester, Edinburgh and Norwich. The academic fruits of earlier applications led to seven publications in major cardiovascular and general journals in 2010, more than ever before, with a further four publications to May 2011.

Particularly significant has been the establishment of international collaborations with the SWEDEHEART investigators in Upsalla (Sweden) to complement the international collaborative analysis of pre-hospital thrombolysis previously undertaken in Europe and North America.

The development that will underpin research activity through the next decade and beyond has been the successful bid by the NICOR executive to take over custodianship of MINAP and five other national cardiovascular registries. Leaders within MINAP and MAG played a key role in securing the bid which will now allow a more hands on approach to the management and linkage of this unique data resource. Only in the UK are national registry data on this scale available providing opportunities for cardiovascular researchers that cannot be found elsewhere.  

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