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The National Heart Failure Audit database now contains over 200,000 records of patients discharged from English and Welsh hospitals with heart failure, which makes it one of the largest information repositories of its kind. The research possibilities of the data are very great, and to this end HALO (Heart failure Audit anaLysis and Outcomes) has been set up to manage applications for data, and to coordinate in-house research projects.

All applications to use data from the audit database are assessed by HALO, and are only approved if the hypotheses and research methods are deemed to be sufficiently clinically and analytically robust.

To apply to use National Heart Failure Audit data for a research project, please contact Akosua Donkor in the first instance to discuss the application. More details about the application process can be found in the NICOR data access and research section of the website. 

The membership of HALO is currently as follows:

HALO Membership
Name Job title and organisation Stakeholder representation 
Henry Dargie Honorary Professor of Cardiology (U. of Glasgow) and chair of HALO HALO
John Cleland Chair in Clinical Cardiology (Imperial College London) HALO
Theresa McDonagh Consultant Cardiologist (KCH) and Professor of Heart Failure (KCL) and National Heart Failure Audit Clinical Lead National Heart Failure Audit
Suzanna Hardman Consultant Cardiologist (Whittington) and past chair of BSH BSH
Adam Timmis  MAG chair and Professor of Clinical Cardiology at London Chest Hospital MAG/MINAP
Chris Gale Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist University of Leeds, York Teaching Hospital NICOR
Ian Ford Professor of biostatistics and Director of the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics (U. of Glasgow) External statistician
Akosua Donkor
National Heart Failure Audit Project Manager National Heart Failure Audit
pdf-large Terms of reference for HALO (pdf)

Approved research applications for use of NHFA data
Applicant Proposed title
Servier Laboratories Ltd SHIfT trial background therapies – comparison with UK practice
Professor Barnaby Reeves, Clinical Trials & Evaluation Unit, School of Clinical Sciences, University of Bristol Monitoring patients with chronic heart failure
Dr Kazem Rahimi, The George Centre for Healthcare Innovation, University of Oxford Statistical models for risk prediction and better understanding of variation in care in patients with heart failure in England and Wales
Dr Mamas Mamas, Cardiovascular Institute, University of Manchester Atrial fibrillation and heart failure: an insight into clinical outcomes and optimal treatment strategy from the National Heart Failure Audit
Dr Ahmad Shoaib, Castle Hill Hospital Characteristics and Outcome of Patients According to the Severity of Peripheral Oedema in the National (England & Wales) Heart Failure Audit

Published academic research can be found by following this link:

HALO minutes

The minutes of the Steering Group meetings from January 2015 are published in the public domain. The Chair reserves the right to censor sections of the minutes if sensitive items are being discussed, but will ensure that this only occurs in exceptional circumstances, and that any instance of it is fully justified in the published minutes.

pdf-large  HALO minutes - 07 January 2015 (pdf)