NICOR: National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research



The audit is funded and commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) and, along with the five other NICOR audits, is one of 40 audits in their National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP).

IT development, statistical analysis and project management is provided by NICOR.

The British Society of Heart Failure (BSH) provides clinical direction to the audit, with Professor Theresa McDonagh, Consultant Cardiologist at King’s College Hospital acting as the clinical lead. The BSH is a professional society for clinicians and healthcare professionals with a specialism or interest in heart failure.

The audit’s development and strategy is determined by a Steering Group, which meets quarterly, and whose membership is made up of a variety of stakeholders in the audit, including cardiologists, specialist nurses, clinical audit and effectiveness managers, cardiac networks and patients.

The current Steering Group membership is as follows:

National Heart Failure Audit Steering Group Membership
Name Job title and organisation Stakeholder representation 
Gemma Baldock-Apps Cardiology Audit and Data Manager (East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust) Audit and clinical effectiveness, database user
Janine Beezer Heart Failure Specialist Clinical Pharmacist (City Hospitals Sunderland) Heart Failure Specialist Clinical Pharmacist, database user
Andrew Clark Consultant Cardiologist, British Society for Heart Failure (BSH) Representative Consultant cardiologist
John Cleland Chair in Clinical Cardiology (Imperial College London)  Consultant cardiologist (England), HALO
Henry Dargie Heart Failure Research Lead Research Lead
Akosua Donkor National Heart Failure Audit Project Manager NICOR
Gethin Ellis Consultant cardiologist (Cwm Taf University Local Health Board) and Network Lead Cardiologist (South East Wales, South Wales Cardiac Network) Consultant Cardiologist (Wales)
Suzanna Hardman Consultant Cardiologist (Whittington Hospital) and Deputy Clinical Lead BSH
Dawn Lambert Heart Failure Nurse Specialist (Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust) Heart Failure Nurse Specialist, database user
Theresa McDonagh Consultant Cardiologist (KCH) and Professor of Heart Failure (KCL) and National Heart Failure Audit Clinical Lead Clinical Lead, Chair
Richard Mindham Heart failure patient Patient representative
Jim Moore General Practitioner and GP with Special Interest, Gloucestershire Heart Failure Service Primary care practitioner
Aminat Shote Information Analyst NICOR 
Kathy Simmonds Heart Failure Nurse Specialist (Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)  Heart Failure Nurse Specialist, database user
Marion Standing Senior Developer NICOR
ms_word Terms of reference for the National Heart Failure Audit Steering Group (pdf)

Steering Group minutes

The minutes of the Steering Group meetings from January 2014 are published in the public domain. The Chair reserves the right to censor sections of the minutes if sensitive items are being discussed, but will ensure that this only occurs in exceptional circumstances, and that any instance of it is fully justified in the published minutes.

pdf-large NHFA Steering Group minutes - 07 January 2015 (pdf)
pdf-large NHFA_Steering_Group minutes- 10 November 2014
pdf-large NHFA Steering Group minutes - 23 January 2014 (pdf)
pdf-large NHFA Steering Group minutes - 3 April 2014 (pdf)
pdf-large NHFA Steering Group minutes - 3 July 2014 (pdf)
pdf-large NHFA_Steering_Group action points - 15 July 2015
pdf-large NHFA_Steering_Group minutes_- 14 October 2015
pdf-large NHFA_Steering_Group minutes_- 15 April 2015