Natural Hazards For Insurers


Past project titles

  • Assessment of the seasonality of major earthquakes in Japan
  • Windfall hazard of land-falling hurricanes in the USA
  • Implementation and application of catastrophe modelling in the insurance industry
  • Analysis of methodologies used to derive functional wind-speed datasets for exploitation by the insurance industry
  • El Niño – La Niña and their effects on Atlantic hurricane development
  • Evaluation of the National Flood Insurance Program of the United States in light of the 1993 Great Midwest Flood
  • Re-assessment of earthquake return periods in New Madrid: implications for building vulnerability
  • Climate change and the reinsurance market: current views and future challenges
  • Analysis of Seattle's susceptibility to tsunamis: a mega-thrust earthquake-induced tsunami inundation model
  • Assessing the earthquake risk to the San Francisco Bay area
  • Modelling typhoon risk in the western North Pacific using a long-term historical perspective on event activity rates
  • Flood hazard in China and insurance solutions
  • Economic value in the Met Office forecast for the Winter 2005/6
  • Reservoir-induced seismicity as a hazard
  • El Niño – Southern Oscillation and their influence on Californian wildfires