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California Oil Pumps

Which fossil fuels must remain in the ground to limit global warming?

A third of oil reserves, half of gas reserves and over 80% of current coal reserves globally should remain in the ground and not be used before 2050 if global warming is to stay below the 2°C target agreed by policy makers, according to new research by the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources.


How drinking behaviour changes through the years

New paint makes tough self-cleaning surfaces

Computer reconstruction of human fossil sheds light on our origins

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Reaping from the core of the earth

Dr Jonathan Craig (UCL Earth Sciences) says the Puga hot spring area has the greatest geothermal energy potential on the Indian subcontinent. Read: Financial Chronicle More...

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Adult education the loser in a game only young, full-time students win

Universities sometimes seem to have few political friends ? unlike their debt-laden students. It is not hard to tell why. It is not only that individuals have the vote and institutions don?t. At times university leaders give the impression that all they care about is hanging on to the extra cash that higher fees have generated, even if this means their graduates face a lifetime of debt and the government has to pick up the bill for those who never repay their loans in full (and other public services have to suffer even greater cuts as a result), writes Professor Peter Scott (UCL Institute of Education) in The Guardian.