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Tracking exploding Lithium-ion batteries in real-time

What happens when lithium-ion batteries overheat and explode has been tracked inside and out for the first time by a UCL-led team using sophisticated 3D imaging.

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Video: Understanding how Lithium-ion batteries fail 


Cool summer of 2013 boosted Arctic sea ice

UCL digital research facility gets go-ahead

UCL academics elected as British Academy Fellows

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Boffins sting spooks with 'HORNET' onion router

A team of researchers including Dr George Danezis (UCL Computer Science) have developed a Tor alternative network that can handle up to 93Gb/s of traffic while maintaining privacy. Read: The Register

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UK satellite Twinkle will boost search for Earth-like exoplanets

NASA?s recent discovery of 12 more exoplanets, including the most Earth-like yet, brings the number of exoplanets ? those outside our solar system ? discovered to nearly 2,000. It?s now thought that almost every star has a planetary system, with Earth just one of several billion planets in our galaxy alone, writes Dr Giovanna Tinetti (UCL Physics & Astronomy) in The Conversation.