UCL Views

UCL Views is a series of images reflecting the curiosities, passions, investigations and imaginings of the UCL community.

This set of Views celebrates Freshers’ Fortnight at UCL, running this year from 26 September – 9 October.

Ruth Siddall, Dean of Students (Welfare)

UCL Union runs sessions throughout the fortnight to introduce new students to life at UCL, and the hundreds of extra-curricular activities available, from African drumming and wine tasting to photography and volunteering. Find out more by visiting the freshers’ events calendar.

Dr Ruth Siddall (left), Dean of Students (Welfare), says: “I would like to welcome you all to UCL! I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to engage with the full scope of activities and experiences offered by the university, from being an academic representative for your department or faculty, to participating in the many opportunities facilitated by the Students Union.

“The office of the Dean of Students (Welfare) oversees and provides representation for many aspects of student support services at UCL. My office can also provide advice and support for students in non-academic matters including health, welfare and financial problems. For further information, please see visit my website.”

To see what life was like for Freshers nearly 50 years ago, visit UCL's YouTube channel, which is hosting recently rediscovered archive footage of new students arriving for their first day in 1960.

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