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UCL Open Access Conference: October 2014

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Open Access Conference header

UCL's 2nd annual Open Access Conference will take place on 22 October, from 3-5pm, in the Darwin Lecture Theatre. The conference will be an extremely useful opportunity to learn about recent open access developments, especially the new open access requirements for the next REF.

UCLU Welcome Fair 2014: Wilkins Building access

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Welcome Fair 2014

This year the UCLU Welcome Fair is taking place over the weekend of 27 and 28 September so staff won't have to contend with quite so many crowds. For those staff who wish to access the Wilkins Building over that weekend, please ensure you have your staff card with you as there is restricted access to the building in order to control occupancy levels. Our fair route is carefully planned and has a oneway system as the Wilkins Building will be filled with curious students queuing to get involved in UCLU's various societies and activities.

Provost’s Long View: A momentous year ahead

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The beginning of any new academic year is exciting, but for all of us at UCL, this year is shaping up to be one that is going to be of major importance too, as we make some key decisions that will shape and determine our future.

Update on proposed merger with IoE

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Negotiations on the proposed merger between UCL and the Institute of Education (IoE) have been proceeding following the decisions in February by the councils of the two organisations to commence discussions about a possible merger. It is anticipated that the respective councils, subject to the outcome of due diligence and other reports, will take a final decision on the potential merger next month.

Improving the UCL web presence

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UCL homepage

In line with our status as a world-leading university, UCL must have a world-leading web presence. This is the first point of contact with UCL for many prospective students, research partners, future staff and the media (to name just a few). So it’s vital that we provide those users with an online experience of UCL that reflects the outstanding qualities of UCL in terms of academic excellence, ground-breaking research and amazing facilities. That way they will want to apply to be a student or a member of staff, to fund research, or work with UCL which, in turn, will help to build and enhance UCL as an institution.

Information Services Division: new UCL mobile phone service

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Mobile Phone

If you are responsible for ordering mobile phones in your department, ISD Telecoms has launched a new service to make your life easier.

Annual Declarations of Interest

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Conflicts of interest, be they perceived or real, can cause immense damage to organisations as well as individual reputations. One of the ways UCL seeks to avoid such conflicts arising is by requiring all staff to register interests that could be reasonably regarded as having the potential to conflict with their work at UCL.

Spotlight on Professor Steve Miller

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Prof Steve Miller

This week the spotlight is on Steve Miller, Professor of Science Communication and Planetary Science, Departments of Science and Technology Studies / Physics and Astronomy.

Participants wanted for health and stress study

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The Whitehall II study (also known as the "Stress and Health" study) began in 1985 and has been following a large group of civil servants at work and into retirement. The study aims to better understand how social and personal factors in people’s lives affect their health, and specifically the health of their heart, cardiovascular system and mental wellbeing. The study has already made important contributions to understanding the effects of working conditions on health.

myUCL: new weekly all-student e-newsletter to be launched in early October

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screenshot of myUCL

myUCL is the new weekly all-student e-newsletter developed to help improve the way UCL communicates with all undergraduates and postgraduates. As part of UCL’s commitment to improving the student experience through UCL 2034, the newsletter will promote UCL-wide announcements, news, events, opportunities and need-to-know information. 

Behaviour change expertise at UCL

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Since its launch in February 2014, the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change (CBC) has attracted more than 130 enquiries for collaboration, teaching, training, consultancy, and events.

UCL Electrical Engineering organises free authorship workshop

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Prof Saifur Rahman
  • Tuesday, 21st October 2014.
  • 12:00 to 4:00 PM.
  • Woburn Suite, Senate House, Malet Street, London

UCL Public Policy: secondment opportunities available

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UCL has established a scheme of part-time secondments for UCL researchers to spend time in Government departments or other policy organisations for a period of 3–6 months.

Remind students to register to vote

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New students in the quad

It is important that we encourage our students to vote, as this gives them the opportunity to have a say on important issues that affect them – everything from roads and recycling in their area, to education and climate change.

Spotlight on Professor Yiannis Ventikos

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Yiannis Ventikos

This week the spotlight is on Professor Yiannis Ventikos, Kennedy Professor and Head of Department, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Extended opening hours for UCL IT support

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ISD logo

From 10 September, the ISD Service Desk’s phone support will be available day and night all year round (including weekends, College Closures and Bank Holidays) and will be able to deal with a range of general IT queries. However, some services won’t be available just yet including issuing password reset tokens. The new out of hours service is called NorMAN (following a partnership with the University of Northumbria who provide shared University Helpline services) and if unable to resolve your query, NorMAN will pass it back to the ISD Service Desk for investigation during full service desk hours (Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM).

Spotlight on Dr Lucie Green

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Lucie Green

This week the spotlight is on Dr Lucie Green, Royal Society University Research Fellow, UCL Space and Climate Physics (the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory).

Latest edition of Brain Food now available

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Autumn 2014 Brain Food

The latest edition of Brain Food, UCL's public events leaflet, has now been distributed to all UCL departments. 

Professor Sir John Tooke, Vice-Provost Health to retire in July 2015

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Sir John Tooke

Having come to UCL from a small but “perfectly formed” institution (the Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry), I couldn’t help be overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of the School of Life and Medical Sciences.  Indeed the commonest outside comment to me when I took up post was that our strengths were not always apparent and we sometimes struggled to be more than the sum of our parts.  I very much hope such is now not the case. 

Spotlight on Professor Jonathan Bell

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Jonathan Bell

This week the spotlight is on Professor Jonathan Bell, Director of the Institute of Americas.

What is your role and what does it involve?

UCL SLASH (Laws, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Historical Sciences) hosts three conferences for non-academic staff

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Speaker at 2014 SLASH conference

Within a period of six working days in July, three conferences aimed at non-academic staff took place within the UCL SLASH (Laws, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Historical Sciences). These were developed, organised and delivered by a broad range of staff working together including Departmental and Faculty Administrators, Faculty Managers, and colleagues in Professional Services roles outside of SLASH.

Spotlight on Maria Stavrinakis

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Maria Stavrinakis

This week the spotlight is on Maria Stavrinakis, Registry Services Director at the UCL Australia campus in Adelaide.

UCL Occupational Health Service: Migraine Week, 1-7 September

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The World Health Organisation recognises migraine as one of the most disabling lifetime conditions, yet awareness and understanding of the condition is low. The Migraine Trust works to raise awareness of the condition as a serious public health issue as there are more people who suffer with migraine than with diabetes, asthma and epilepsy combined. It affects 1 in 7 people; that’s over eight million people in the UK alone.

Spotlight on Jim Collins

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Jim Collins

This week the spotlight is on Jim Collins, Corporate Partnerships Manager within the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Laws, and Social and Historical Studies (SLASH).

Spotlight on Anna-Rosa Muscatelli

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Anna Rosa Muscatelli

This week the spotlight is on Anna-Rosa Muscatelli, CASE Graduate trainee in the UCL Development and Alumni Relations Office.

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