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26 May 2011: Reindeer use UV light to survive in the wild

UCL researchers have discovered that reindeer can not only see ultraviolet (UV) light, but that it is also crucial to their survival in the harsh Arctic environment.

20 May 2011: Crossing your arms relieves pain

Crossing your arms reduces the intensity of pain you feel when receiving a painful stimulus on the hand, according to research by scientists at UCL. More...

16 May 2011: Pioneering ICT project wins €1.9m of European funding

A UCL-led scheme to develop computing facilities capable of analysing data on a global scale has received €1.9 million from the European Commission, placing it among six pilot schemes vying for European funding worth more than €1 billion. More...

13 May 2011: Former UCL PhD student wins most promising thesis award

The 2011 Beddington Medal awarded by the British Society for Developmental Biology (BSDB) has been won by Carlos Carmona-Fontaine (UCL Cell and Developmental Biology, 2010). More...

13 May 2011: 'Consciousness connections' revealed in coma brains

A new test of consciousness which could be helpful in the diagnosis of coma patients has been identified in new research led by scientists from the University of Liège and UCL.

13 May 2011: School of Pharmacy will merge with UCL

The Council of the School of Pharmacy, University of London, today decided by a decisive majority that the School's long-term future would be best secured through a merger with UCL.

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